sábado, outubro 24, 2009

On Collecting

There is nothing wrong, I guess, with collecting just for collecting sake.
(I’m kind of going low profile here and trying not to be seen as some king of die hard… oops, "formalist")
This post reminds me of such different (?) things as the "Venturi Shops" (Japanese Objects Exhibition) and our very own (lost...) Museum of Popular Art collection and the Inquiry on Popular Architecture in (mid 20th century "deeply"... arcane...) Portugal (mainly) photographic book.
I guess we can always look at any collection from a political and ideological motivated point of view, later (quite later...)
Ideology comes second, anyway...



Blogger alma said...

Only the best... :)
mas, gosto sempre de ver stuff organizado e catalogado :)))

11:29 da tarde  
Blogger AM said...

organização são domingos sacrificados :)

11:37 da tarde  

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