sábado, novembro 26, 2011

Walt Whitman said

“Walt Whitman said that the most obscene word in the English language is exclusion such as exclusion from a gated community or a country club or the democratic process. I have worked with both the upper 1% and the lower 1%. And in working with these two groups, it seems to me there is much in common. For each, the challenge is the responsible distribution of appropriate resources, for the individual and for society as a whole. This is not the redistribution of resources, but the responsible distribution of resources as a whole.”

Samuel Mockbee

(com uma foto de uma obra que me interessa e muito e de que maneira)


Blogger alma said...

Que sofisticado !!
Não há melhor que a blogo para viajar sem sair de casa :)))

Gosto muito WW :)


6:47 da tarde  
Blogger AM said...

fazemos as que podemos...
as postas, quero dizer... :)

7:24 da tarde  

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