terça-feira, abril 05, 2011

(só para tirar esta coisa a piscar a piscar aqui do cabeçalho...)

(...) from a purely geometrical point of view circular blocks of buildings would be the most favorable, and, indeed, in the same configuration as that in which large balls of equal size can be pushed the closest together, namely six around one in the middle. In arranging straight streets of identical width between such blocks, the circular forms would be transformed into regular hexagons, as used in tile patterns or in the honeycomb. One could not believe it humanly possible that an idea of such really oppressive ugliness, of such appalling tediousness, and of such a labyrinthine lack of orientation would actually be carried out.

Camillo Sitte (entre muitas outras igualmente "boas" e igualmente a... despropósito...)


Blogger alma said...

eh eh eh
vai ser ...


acho que vou gostar do camillo :)

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Blogger alma said...

aqui que ninguém nos vê :)))


eh eh eh

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Blogger AM said...

lionel!!! :)))

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